Our vision is to digitalise transportation supply chains for all stakeholders. Up until now, the movement of freight involved phone calls, emails and faxes. These antiquated and legacy systems are not good enough for the 21st century.

Custran is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for the transportation supply chain. Exporters, Freight Forwarders, Short-Sea Shippers and Hauliers can now connect and use our cloud-based system for all daily operations. The platform allows users organise shipments and process customs requirements digitally without the use of legacy systems.

Our system facilitates the creation and sharing of documentation such as CMRs and import & export customs declaration which are cleared directly through Revenues Online System (ROS). Drivers use sign on glass technology on collection and delivery and upload signatures to the platform, so real time proof of delivery and updates are available to the user.

Custran has uniquely combined transportation functions, customs declarations and documentation creation together on a single platform. We focus on single data entry and automatic population of documentation required by users. The platform is intuitive and easy to use.

Our system saves time, provides real-time information and updates and provides increased reliability to shipment information. It’s a better way to work.


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  • Industry experience in logistics, customs procedures and SaaS platforms
  • A great diverse and experienced team that ensure best results for customers
    Creative & professional.
  • Custran’s platform includes all key functionalities to help clients maximise their time and reduce costs.
  • Complex solutions: Custran brings together all customs and transportation operations on a single platform, providing users with all the information they need, when they need it.
  • Results: Use of the Custran’s platforms results in time savings, greater data accuracy and reduced costs.


With Custran Irish businesses can process customs declarations through a secure connection with Revenue Online System (ROS).  With Custran customers create, connect and share customs and shipment details on a single platform, improving efficiency.

Our system caters for companies who have not applied for EORI or DTI approval to process customs declarations successfully. Our customs specialists are on hand to quickly help you through the process.

Custran caters for customs brokers who are interested in scaling up by significant increasing throughput. I believe no company should be at risk because of the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

Kieran Gleeson

Co-Founder & CEO


All-In-One Solution

All stakeholders in the logistics supply chain from exporter to driver can become connected and share documents, data and notifications on the same digital platform. Uniquely, all transport logistics and all export and import requirements can be processed all on the same digital platform.


The Custran platform adheres to all GDPR requirements along with the UN convention on CMRs and all Revenue security protocols. Users data is private and cannot be accessed by any unauthorized party.

Reduce Paperwork

Documentation can be created, edited, shared and stored by users. We believe in reducing paper based documentation and the legacy systems that produce them. Reliability and efficiency improved when digitalised documentation becomes the norm.

Cost Reduction

A direct result of saving time for companies means saving companies money. The uncertainty surrounding Brexit means no company can afford to waste resources on routine transactions. We deliver comprehensive value for all connected stakeholders

Time Savings

Improved work processes through digitalisation results in greater time saved for all companies. As a result people using Freight Station have greater time for higher value work within their organisations. There is no reason for daily tasks to take any longer than they should.

Single Data Entry

Essential for all progressive logistics companies today. Data is entered once and saved to our system making it easier and quicker to create shipments, organise collects, create & share documentation, and much more. This allows for more accurate data sharing and greater efficiencies.


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