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Customs Software

Customs Software If you or your company find yourself in the position where you need to submit a customs declaration then you will need to use specific customs software online. Firstly, in Ireland it is impossible to go to the ROS website, and start entering data and make a declaration to Revenue. The facility to…


NCTS 5 Ireland Live

NCTS 5 , the next phase of the customs transit system used in the Republic of Ireland (NCTS-P5), goes live on November 30th 2023. This new system will align with the legal requirements for transit set out in the Union Customs Code (UCC). From a practical point of view there will be a familiarity to…


UK Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP)

Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP) are specific customs procedures for the import of certain goods into the UK. These include Simplified Frontier Declarations (SFD), Import Supplementary Declarations (SDI), Final Supplementary Declarations (FSD), Warehouse Removal Supplementary Declarations (SDW) and more. Traders who wish to avail of CFSP must apply for authorisation from HMRC. Traders must have…