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Connect directly to HMRC / CSPs / ROS with Custran.

A customs declaration is an official document that lists and gives details of goods that are being imported or exported. In legal terms, a customs declaration is the act whereby a person indicates they wish to place goods under a given customs procedure. Traders that import and export goods are legally required to create and submit customs declarations and in general it is the owner of the goods or a person acting on his behalf (a representative) that makes the declaration, although the person having control over the goods may also perform it. These persons may be individuals or companies, as well as in certain cases associations of persons.

Making declaration used to be done on paper but now it is completed through dedicated software. Customs agents also use this software and so can any trader who wants to complete the process in-house, thereby saving time and money (and also reducing the risk of delay of goods arrival or departure due to incomplete or inaccurate data as passed between parties over email / phone etc.)

Custran customs declaration software products are built specifically to enable anyone to make UK and Ireland customs declarations. Products include Import Customs Declaration Software, Export Customs Declaration Software, NCTS Transit Software, and Safety and Security Customs Declarations Software  – (There is a legal requirement to submit an electronic customs Safety and Security (S and S) declaration in advance of import. This declaration is called an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS). )

In addition traders, haulage companies and freight forwarders can use Custran declaration software to create GMRs and PBNs.

We provide customs software training so you can save money and time by having your own staff make your company’s customs declarations in-house. This gives your company total control of your customs needs and significantly reducing costs.

In addition, Custran have online customs guides to help you, and we offer support and ‘assisted declarations’ products if you get stuck.

Custran’s software connects to HMRC / CSPs and ROS, and is a Pay As You Go service with easy options for monthly subscription and packages declaration credits that never expire.

More information and pricing: Custran UK | Custran Ireland

With Custran’s Customs Declaration Software you can:

  • Process your own customs declarations in-house (Import, Export, CFSP, ICS ENS, NCTS GVMS, PBN).
  • Create and submit UK and Ireland customs import declarations using our Import Customs Declaration Software
  • Create and submit UK and Ireland customs export declarations using our Export Customs Declaration Software
  • Create and submit UK and Ireland customs ICS ENS declarations using our Safety and Security Customs Declaration Software
  • Create UK exports – migrate data to Irish import.
  • Create Irish exports –  migrate data to UK import.
  • Single data entry – no double entry of data.
  • Process bulk item uploads.
  • See, search and filter reports on usage and payments.
  • Create customs templates to use over and over again saving time.
  • APIs can be built to integrate with your CRM / ERP system.
  • If you are a new customs agent we can help train your staff

Use Custran to make the following customs declarations and paperwork.

Work more efficiently and with lower costs with our cloud based intuitive platform.

No more email – Your clients can upload their documents to Custran where your operators can access and make the declaration.

Archiving – Jobs and documents can be archived or made available to your clients

Template Management – Your clients templates will be updated monthly with new TARIC information.


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