Customs Training

Custran provides a full customs training service for all you customs needs post Brexit.

Training Services:

Custran provide two main customs training services. ‘Customs Software Training’ and ‘Customs Essentials for Declarants’

Customs Software Training

This training is provided remotely and consists of 4 hours training on how to make customs declarations using Custran’s proprietary customs software. The 4 hours can be completed in one session or over two sessions on different days. The training includes:

 Preview of your companies specific products – HS codes etc
 Training on the preparation of your customs declarations on the software.
 How to use contacts, products, templates, and other software features designed to make the process quick and easy.
 Submission of declarations to Revenue’s ROS service
 Handling of ROS errors and rejections
This training package also includes one month’s Custran Software subscription and 5 fully completed declarations (import / export / ens).

Price 395 + vat payable here

Customs Essentials for Declarants

This is a 3 day comprehensive course covers aspects of customs procedures anyone making customs declarations should be aware of, and includes Custran Customs Software Training, and is provided by Bevan Murphy Consulting.

Bevan Murphy Consulting provides practical advice and training on all aspects of customs compliance and has 30 years industry experience in customs compliance and global forwarding. Bevan Murphy Consulting have delivered training courses and worked one to one on behalf of the Irish Exporters Association, Intertrade Ireland, Invest NI and Enterprise Ireland, and in this training will show you or your staff on how to:

  • Submit import/export declarations electronically while remaining compliant
  • Classify your products and meet all import/export conditions for moving your goods.
  • Determine rules of origin , duties and easements that impact your supply chain
  • Analyse special procedures and whether these procedures make sense for your business in terms of cost benefit analysis.
  • Access INCOTERMS agreed and how they impact the trader’s role and responsibilities.


Understanding Customs Role of Customs in International Trade

 What do Customs do?
 Changing Role of Customs in International Trade
 Customs Stakeholders
 Union Customs Code timeframe & implementation
 Introduction of new IT Systems
Free Trade Agreements Overview and Benefits

 Eu Trade Agreements
 Types of Trade Agreements
 EU/UK Trade and Co-operation Agreement& Easements
 EU/UK Trade agreement and wood products (pallets)-

International Commercial Terms Incoterms 2020

 What they are
 How they impact roles and responsibilities in the supply chain
 Customs requirements to act as a declarant in a third country (Ex-Works & DDP)
 Alternatives to third country establishment (Ex-works and DDP)

Customs Compliance-
Product Tariff Classification

 What do tariffs do?
 What is it?
 Structure & Layout
 Using the Taric System demo & practice
 Commodity Conditions
 Authorizations, licenses & additional information
 Binding Tariff Information

Rules of Origin

 Overview
 Non-Preferential Origin
 Preferential Origin
 Using Rosa (Rules of Origin Self-Assessment) tool to help determine origin
 Proof of Origin
 Proof of Origin under the EU-UK Trade and Co-operation agreement
 Registering for Registered Exporter System. (REX)

Valuation for Customs Purposes

 How to correctly value your product
 6 methods of customs valuation
 Transaction Method – Primary
 Secondary Valuation Methods
 Common errors in Valuation


Customs Clearance Processes
Entry & Exit

 Requirements to submit a declaration electronically
 Roles in the Entry/Exit of goods
 Process for goods entering the customs territory of the union
 Process for goods exiting the customs territory of the union
 Routing
 Amending /Invalidating a customs declaration
 Storing Documents
 Customs Documentation

Special Procedures & Simplifications

 What are they?
 Who can apply?
 Types of Simplifications
 Process Involved in application
 Eu Customs Decision System

Customs Debt
Payment of Vat and Duty

 Tan Account
 Deferred Account
 Permissions & Authorizations
 Guarantees
 Claiming Preferential Tariff Treatment
 Returned Goods Relief

Customs Interface CUSTRAN

Introduction to Custran test system for submitting customs declaration

 Overview of functionality of system
 Demonstration of what information each box requires
 Where to source the required information


Demonstrations& Practice

Demonstration submitting declarations

 How to submit an Export Declaration
 How to submit an Import Declaration
 How to submit an Entry Summary Declaration

Practice submitting declarations

 Participants to submit import & export declaration on test system

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